Be Here

Mrs Dring talks about how taking time out to appreciate the here and now, recognising emotions and opportunities can bring us calm, focus and joy.



    Why is this important?

    • Taking notice of how we feel is an important stage in managing our well-being. To manage them we first need to recognise our emotions. We must “drop into ourselves”.
    • We all need something in our lives that absorbs us into the current moment, creating a ‘flow’ of blissful immersion into the task or activity. This type of ‘flow’ of engagement stretches our intelligence, skills, and emotional capabilities.
    • This engagement helps us remain present, as well as synthesize the activities where we find calm, focus, and joy.
    • Recognising being here in the present, the past and the future are where our worries often lie.
    • People find enjoyment in different things. When time truly “flies by” during an activity, it is likely because we are experiencing a sense of engagement.
      Practical Strategies
    • Have you stopped and considered what is and is not working?
    • What have you done/could you do that has taken all your concentration? Do a jigsaw, go for a run, play an instrument, build some lego, paint, do some mandala colouring, sing, cook, build something e.g. a skateboard, make a model, create a collage of images that you like on a wall in your bedroom, do a crossword, read (stories are great for taking us out of our own world).
    • Concentrate on your breathing, focus on breathing in and out. There are apps that use a count to help you focus. This can take practice but can really help.
    • When did you last notice the world around you? Feel the rain on your face, see the colours in the sky/plants, enjoy the wind in your hair.
    • Meditation can help some people. There are apps to build up your ability to do this. Like anything new, you won’t necessarily be good at this straight away, but with practice you may find this helps you.
    • Sometimes physically holding something can help us to be in the present. A stress ball, a small stone or a soft toy are all examples that work for some people, to hold and help you focus.
    • A box of items that remind you of good times or which calm you (e.g. photographs, mementos) can be helpful to bring you into the present.

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