Be Positive

Mrs Newman talks about the importance of how a positive mindset and taking time to reflect on all that we have and achieve is so important.



    Why is this important?

    • We all have strengths, sometimes we forget these.
    • Focusing on positive emotions is more than smiling: it is the ability to remain optimistic and view one’s past, present, and future from a constructive perspective.
    • A positive view can help in relationships and work, and inspire others to be more creative and take more chances.
    • In everyone’s life, there are highs and lows; focusing on “the lows” pulls us down.
    • Recognising what is going well can help us to cope when things are not as easy.

    Practical Strategies

    • What has gone well today/this week/this year? Keeping a journal where you record the positive parts of your day/week, can help to recognise these.
    • Identify three positive aspects of your life, before you consider something that has been troubling you.
    • What are your strengths? Everyone has them, allow yourself to feel proud of these.
    • Enjoy the moments when things go well, indulge in them and be grateful for them; don’t let these pass without recognising them.
    • What small things have you done that you could feel proud of? E.g. tidied your room, made yourself look nice, walked the dog.
    • You might have a song that reminds you of a good time or that just makes you smile. Listening to music can lift us.

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