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Kesgrave High School strives to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for every student. We have always held fast to the belief that we should do what is right for the students and not just what appears good to satisfy the national league tables.

The new measures of success at GCSE now includes a ‘Progress Score’

  • The Progress 8 score comprises of 8 subjects:
  • English
  • Maths
  • 3 EBACC subjects from Triple Science, Core and Additional Science, History, Geography, MFL and Computing
  • Plus 3 other subjects from an approved list

From 2014 the Government announced that a range of courses currently offered by schools would no longer count in this new measure. We always take the moral decision to offer the students courses and experiences which are of exceptional quality and support their future aspirations. We have never believed in distorting our curriculum and forcing all students to follow a narrow curriculum just to make our results look good in the league tables. Our curriculum serves our students well and prepares them fully for their next steps beyond Year 11. We stand by that decision and our Governing Body fully support us.

The Progress 8 measure for our Year 11 students who left in 2018 does not reflect the reality of their success and achievements at Kesgrave High School. We make no apology for this; we believe we have done the right thing for our students to enable them to take qualifications that are relevant for them. These courses match their aspirations and we feel that these vocational opportunities are important, even though the government may not count them in the progress 8 measure.

Our provisional 2018 Progress 8 score is -0.27 (unvalidated). However, the 254 students (out of 281 in the cohort) who followed subjects that all counted towards Progress 8 gained a score of -0.1, in-line with National expectation when you take into account the confidence intervals involved. We are never complacent though and always strive to enable our students to achieve the very best they can. The progress of all students in every year group is meticulously tracked with appropriate interventions put into place if any need support.

We are very proud of our track record at GCSE and A Level and the achievements of our students. This year the highest percentage of students in the school’s history gained passes in Maths and English of 81% grades 9-4. Additionally in the Sixth From we hit our target of 43% A*-B grades in 2018. This is an outstanding achievement, especially when you take into account the fact that our Sixth Form is the one of the most open access and accessible in Suffolk; with the lowest entry requirements at GCSE to study with us.


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