YR11-YR12 Transition Activities

As part of our Sixth Form Induction two Transition Skills Workshops were delivered to help students prepare for the step up academically from GCSE to A level study. The two workshop PowerPoints can be found here. One is about notetaking skills and organisation whereas the second is about the less quantifiable skills of what makes a successful sixth former.


Click HERE for Transition Activities Power Point



Transition Skills with Mr Robinson for 6th Form Induction

1. Mapping Method and Outlining method

J.O recipe

Roy Keane interview on Arsenal rivalry


2. The Cornell Method

Pep Guardiola ball possession article
Click HERE

Click HERE

Film Review
Click HERE

Childrens Play, Learning and development
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What makes a successful Sixth Former?

Click HERE for Transition Skills Power Point

An article by an ex-student, Rosie Wedge – with top tips (pages 16-17)

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