English Language

Recognising features and consequences of the use of English language is a vital skill in a range of careers. You will learn to analyse and evaluate spoken, written and electronic language to see who has produced it, why they have done so and more interestingly, how that language has influenced an audience.

The English Language course will raise your awareness of the language you experience and will help you interpret texts and transcripts of spoken language and understand how not only what we say is significant, but also how and why we say it.

On this course you will discover how a methodical analysis of language can explain how a planned text is written for a specific audience and purpose, how and why spoken language varies across social and geographical groups. You will study topics such as the language of the media and the influence of technology on language use and you will engage in debates such as whether men and women use language differently.

In fact, you will learn all about the greatest skill you possess – language.

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