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Kesgrave High School Sixth Form has a proud record of encouraging our students to “look beyond” their academic studies and continues to provide opportunities for adventurous teams to travel to South Africa, Greece and Zambia to participate in conservation and community based projects. These educational visits always have a profound impact on the students and have promoted communication, team work and leadership skills and provided them with a unique opportunity to develop these skills further whilst on expedition in an unfamiliar environment; skills that we believe will help them through their remaining studies and in later life.

Expeditions are about personal improvement, a true life experience, they are tough and are certainly not holidays, students expecting luxury should not apply! Expeditions do not suit everyone and hardships will need to be endured, but those students with an ambitious and adventurous spirit can look forward to enduring friendships and an experience that they will never forget.

Parents are not expected or even allowed to pay for our expeditions, and all costs incurred by the project should be met by the students’ own efforts during fundraising events. Costs are typically around £2500 and fundraising is encouraged both in and out of Sixth form. From the very onset of the project our group is put into teams that collaborate on joint projects and work together in a supportive environment that builds skills and confidence at this crucial time in education.

Since 2012 we have worked exclusively with Gap Africa Projects (South Africa) and True Adventure (Zambia) as our project partners – both companies specialise in overseas trips and over the years we built strong relationships allowing us to provide bespoke opportunities for our students.

Expedition Record :

2009    South Africa               Wildlife Conservation

2010    Greece                         Wildlife Conservation

2012    Zambia                        Sustainable Community Projects

2013    South Africa               Wildlife Conservation

2014    South Africa               Wildlife Conservation

2016    South Africa               Wildlife Conservation

2017    Zambia                        Sustainable Community Projects

2018    South Africa               Wildlife Conservation

2019    South Africa               Wildlife Conservation

2022    South Africa               Wildlife Conservation


Expedition fundraising is tough and we often seek sponsorship from both local and national companies. Sponsorship does not always have to be about monetary donations, and help with ideas and opportunities are always welcome. If you feel that you could offer us support, in any form, then please contact us.

For further details please contact Mr M Stapleton (Assistant Headteacher)

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