AQA Baccalaureate


The AQA Baccalaureate is an additional qualification that students can choose on top of their A Level studies. It is a qualification which recognises and celebrates the achievements of well-rounded students with A-Levels and more. It encourages self-management, independence, initiative and personal development: all crucial skills in the workplace and for Higher Education.

The Baccalaureate is made up of 4 parts:

  • Academic Study in-depth
  • Broader Study
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Independent learning – The Extended Project Qualification

Students build on core A Level subjects, adding value through wider learning and enrichment activities. Students can complete a Baccalaureate based on GCE A Levels awarded by any awarding body to achieve a grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Academic Study in-depth

Students need to pass three A Level subjects that they have chosen (not including General Studies).

Broader Study

Students must gain an AS pass in an additional subject.

Enrichment Activities

Student need to complete at least 100 hours of enrichment activities over the two years. These hours need to be made up from at least 2 or 3 core areas:

  • Work related learning – Activities that involve students, as active participants, in learning about the world of work. This could be a work experience placement, work shadowing or paid employment.
  • Community participation – Activities in which students work will benefit others. This could be voluntary work in school (adopt a teacher, peer mentoring, helping with the house system, CLSA, council/committee representatives). It also includes V-Involved, community radio, helping with charities, mentoring/coaching etc.
  • Personal development – Activities that students choose to do in addition to their academic studies. This includes sports, music, drama, film, dance, debating club, first aid, driving lessons, D of E, skills of recreation e.g. photography, chess, creative writing etc.
    The on-line Enrichment Diary – This is where students log their enrichment activities. They can include evidence such as photos or describe what it is they have done.

Extended Project (independent learning)

Another AS is awarded for this. Students can choose to explore a further aspect of a subject they are studying, or another subject, or simply choose a topic that they have a personal interest in. The finished project can be a written report, a performance, a piece of art, a community project, a CD or DVD, or even computer software. Each student will have a supervisor and must complete a presentation to an invited audience as well as a written report or artefact.

Why choose the Baccalaureate

The AQA Baccalaureate can effectively strengthen and illustrate skills such as:

  • self management
  • independence
  • communication
  • initiative

For Further Information please visit the AQA Website.

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