You provide passionate and well-focused leadership and you place the importance of a wide curriculum at its core.
You have ensured that pupils are able to study a wide variety of subjects when they join your school. This commitment is maintained when pupils make their GCSE option choices.
Students who enter your sixth form are incredibly grateful for the choice of over 40 courses and the determination of leaders to ensure that they can study the range of courses that is most appropriate for them.
Teachers share your ambition for pupils to excel across the curriculum. They agree that leaders have created a climate in which teachers are trusted to take risks and innovate in ways that are right for the pupils.
Pupils’ highly positive behaviour and attitudes to learning reported at the previous inspection have been maintained. Pupils behave well in and out of lessons. They are proud of their school and they are grateful for the opportunities that are available to them throughout the curriculum and as a result of the wide range of extra-curricular activities that you offer.
Pupils value the many positions of responsibility available to them, along with the high quality of pastoral care that they receive from your staff.
Parents are positive and supportive of the school, with one commenting: ‘It’s a fabulous school with welcoming staff who are able to address any concerns. I would highly recommend this school.’
Leaders have a clear and accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. As a consequence, the quality of teaching and leadership has improved since the previous inspection.
Governors continue to provide you with support and offer robust accountability. They know the school well, are passionate about its role within the community.
Pupils feel safe and enjoy school as a result of the high level of pastoral care that they receive. They participate in a wide variety of sessions which support them to be safe and stay safe.
Leaders are passionate about supporting disadvantaged pupils. Historically, the progress of these pupils has been similar to, or at times better than, other pupils. In 2017 a difference in progress was identified which led leaders to take immediate action during the autumn term. Leaders have recognised that the previous approach to interventions was not effective enough. The newly introduced strategy is well planned and begins in Year 6 before pupils arrive at the school. It is based on research and what leaders have identified as best practice around the country.
Students benefit from a wide range of courses and value being able to study exactly what they want. Their motivation, their access to good-quality teaching and the extensive support that they are offered from the sixth-form team is enabling them to flourish.
Students are proud to be a part of the sixth form and they are successful in their applications to education, employment and training at the end of their studies. One student commented: ‘It’s not just Kesgrave, it’s the community of Kesgrave.’

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