Work Experience

Work Experience

As part of our careers work and to give you a taste of the many opportunities that exist in the world outside school, we provide a two-week period of Work Experience at the end of Year 10. In the 20 years that this scheme has been running at Kesgrave, our pupils have really made the most of the opportunity to help them make decisions about their future and develop their self-confidence, initiative and communication skills. Many have also had offers of jobs (both part-time and permanent ones after Year 11) as a direct result of their Work Experience.

Mrs Williamson – Head of Careers

Aims of Work Experience

We offer Work Experience to our Year 10 students. Our aims are to:

  • develop their personal and social skills (self confidence, working with others).
  • help to motivate them by seeing the relevance of work done in school.
  • promote knowledge of the opportunities available.
  • give an insight into the working environment and the culture of the workplace.

To achieve these objectives we….

  • help students to reflect upon their own abilities, skills and personal qualities and to recognise their own strengths and limitations.
  • develop in students the skills required in planning for the future and making considered choices.
  • enable students to apply skills and to deepen knowledge and understanding of concepts learned in the classroom.
  • improve attainment by making learning more relevant.
  • develop their understanding of work and economic and industrial understanding.

This year many children gained either awards, Saturday jobs, holiday jobs, or firm commitments as to future employment. The pupils have been tremendous ambassadors for both the school and the idea of work experience. We are rightly very proud of them and of the efforts we as a school have made to make our curriculum and teaching relevant to the wider concerns of adult life.

Attendance on Work Experience

Our students are expected to maintain a good attendance record while on work experience placement. They are instructed to inform the employer if they are likely to be late, attending an appointment, or if they are ill. They are also asked to notify the school as back up.

Letters of Application

You will either have chosen 3 vacancies or you will have arranged your own placement. Either way you need the full details of the job including its postal address. (A photo-copy of the letter you sent originally to arrange the placement is acceptable).

  • Click above for the standard 3 choices letter – in this document fill in or replace the data with your personal details and your 3 choices. In the main body of the letter you should delete the italics and replace it with 2-3 paragraphs that explain why you think you are good for the job and the qualities you may bring.
  • Click above on the letter for Self-Organised placements if you have arranged your own placement – this is slightly different to the other letter, as you will probably know the person you are going to. You still, however, have to write in the main body of the letter why you think that you will be good for this placement.

Curriculum Vitae

Everybody has to complete a CV. Go through and fill in your details and delete any sections that do not apply to you (e.g. work experience or interests etc.) Remember you must have 2 referees so if you do not have a work related one then use your Assistant Head of Year or your form tutor.

These documents are important as where there is more than one applicant for a position the letters and CVs will be used to help judge who gets the post!

Once you have completed these documents, if you take Business Studies, the Business Studies Department will check them for you. If you don’t take Business Studies, Mrs Williamson will check them. Once they have been checked, both the letter of application and the CV need to be submitted to Mrs Williamson, the work experience co-ordinator, in the Careers Library in the Sixth Form block.

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