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Welcome to the page which provides access to a wealth of information on the careers work of the school and about careers in general. The following information and research material can be found here:

  • How the careers programme fits into the school’s PSHE programme.
  • Information about Years 7 – 13 events in the Careers calendar.
  • An overview of the Careers Library to see what is on offer.
  • Use of careers software to explore careers ideas.

Mrs Williamson – Head of Careers

Careers Entitlement

All students will ….

  • receive a planned programme of Careers Education as an integral part of their Personal & Social Education programme.
  • have access to the Careers Library and will receive guidance on how to access information from year 9 onwards.
  • have access to computer based careers information and training on its retrieval.
  • receive guidance on their GCSE Option choices in Years 8 and 9.
  • have the opportunity to take part in Take Our Sons/Daughters To Work day in year 9.
  • take part in ‘A Day in the World of Work’in year 9.
  • take part in a two week block placement of Work Experience in the summer term of Year 10.
  • be given the information to receive information and guidance from the Careers Advisor in Years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 through individual and/or group interviews.
  • have access to a Careers Advisor at Years 11, 12 & 13 Parents’ Evenings, with parents.
  • have access to a Careers Advisor at Year 9 Options Evenings, Year 10 Work Experience Evening and 6th Form Open Evening, with parents.
  • receive information and guidance on Options Post 16.
  • be informed of job vacancies, where relevant, in Years 11, 12 and 13.


Careers Library

Helping students make decisions about their future, the Careers Library is a multi media research environment.

The following resources are available in the Careers Library:

KUDOS – Let the computer help you decide what kind of a person you are, what your special interests are, and what sort of career you would be suited to.

REFERENCE BOOKS – a wide range of reference books about employment, higher and further education, choosing GCSEs, A Levels, and many, many more. We also have Prospectuses for each of the Universities and Colleges in the UK.

JOBS BOARD – Details of local and national job opportunities.

STAFF – Mrs Williamson is Head of Careers and the Work Experience Co-ordinator. She is based in the Careers Library and is there daily to help students access information and research their ideas.

CAREERS ENTITLEMENT – Every student is entitled to a specified level of careers education and guidance. The Careers Entitlement document is displayed in the Careers Library and forms an integral part of school policy.


Careers Work From Year 9

We begin careers education in Year 9 with a Careers Carousel which offers students sessions on using the Careers Library, using the software available to them and choosing their subjects for GCSE. They also take part in a Day in the World of Work lots of work related activities hosted by local employers and Take our Sons/Daughters to Work.

Careers Calendar

There are many events throughout the year. Below, a timetable for a year in careers gives general guidance on what to expect and when:

Click HERE to view Careers Timetable


Employers – we need you!

If you are interested in contributing to our school’s careers education in any way, we would love to hear from you. Opportunities include – but are not limited to – using us as a talent-pipeline to source your future staff; delivering an informal presentation about your business and the opportunities offered; hosting work experience (either as a 2 week block for our Year 10 pupils, or on a morning/afternoon per week basis for a 6th former); advertising job opportunities or apprenticeships on our “jobs board”; running a practical session at one of our drop-down days.

If you would like to get involved in any way, please contact
Jacki Williamson, Careers Leader either via email:, or DD: 01473 618994.


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