Values and Ethos

Kesgrave High School is proud of its inclusive structure, its broad and balanced curriculum and it has been designated both a National Teaching School and National Research School Partner. We are thoroughly committed to providing the best educational experience possible, the chance to explore music and the arts, to study a range of STEM and Humanities subjects, experience a wide range of sports and ensure all students are prepared for further study or the world of work.

Kesgrave High School is proud to be more than just a school. From the schools inception in 1931 with 180 students under the Headmaster Captain Harrison the school has always tried to ensure the whole child is educated, not merely an exam factory. Now in 2019 we have over 1830 students on role and it could not be a more exciting time to be a student here. We are proud to serve the local community, are regularly oversubscribed (we normally have over 800 applications for 308 places) and we have over 900 students and staff cycle to school each day!

At Kesgrave we trust our pupils, giving them complete access to the school site at all times. As a result the ‘responsibility and behaviour of students is excellent. They are polite, courteous and are a credit to the school’. (Ofsted)

Growing up as a young person in todays society is a huge undertaking and we have thought long and hard about the trying to narrow our ethos down to just three qualities. Selecting qualities that we all value was important so all of our community stakeholders had a voice; students, parents, carers and staff all contributed towards this vision.

  1. Be positive. We feel that being positive, adopting a positive mind-set and approach to all that we face in life gets us on the right path and moving towards success.
  2. Be respectful. Respect for oneself, others, adults, elders and for our community goes a long way and if we all know how to treat each other and our environment, the world is a safer, kinder place.
  3. Be your best. If everyone is their best what more can we ask?

Kesgrave High School – Our Values

Empowering students and staff
Learning through doing
Creating a sense of adventure
Encouraging group work and reflective thinking
Committed to respectful and trusting relationships
Nurturing principled, global citizens
Learning without limits

See what Captain Harrison said in 1934 HERE

Kesgrave was the birthplace of the 3 period day so widely used across the country by a growing number of schools. Due to the length of lessons students can really immerse themselves in the culture of the subject and cover content is real depth. This in turn fosters a love of learning for a subject because learning is not superficial.

Our Curriculum And Faculties

Our curriculum design is also unique in that it truly ensures and delivers a very broad and balanced curriculum. All students study the required National Curriculum subjects and are free to make informed choices about GCSE study in Years 8 and 9. Our Unique curriculum structure places each subject into a Faculty which gets 20% of curriculum time.






Activities Week

Every year we run a comprehensive ‘Activities Week’ in the last week of the summer term (whilst Year 10 are on Work Experience) which is unparalleled anywhere in the country. A sample of what’s on offer is below:

ANIMAL CRACKERS– a week for animal lovers!
BIRDIES AND BOGEYS – A week playing on the best local golf courses
FASHION AND FUNCTION – Design and make a range of textiles projects
FLIGHTPATH – build and fly your own radio controlled aircraft!
FOOTBALL WEEK – Ipswich town coaches deliver a week long masterclass / coaching
HANDMADE HOME – crafting techniques to make beautiful things for your home
HAVE YOU GOT THE BOTTLE – 5 theme parks in 5 days!
HIGH HEELS AND HIGH FLICKS – a week of glamour, dancing and performances
I’M A SCHOOL KID, GET ME OUT OF HERE – Wildlife, weapons, surfing, climbing and wizardry

LADIES WHO LUNCH – cooking, ceramics, dining, zoo visits and London Theatre performances
OH! I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEASIDE – experience what the local Suffolk Coastline has to offer
PICK AND MIX – Jumps street, Archery, Climbing, Ice skating, Harry Potter and everything in-between!
RETRO CONSOLE – relive the 90’s with iconic games
SPACE CAMP – explore things space and astronomy
STOP THAT RACQUET – A week of racquet sports
TEAM SPORTS CHALLENGE incorporating Paintball, Go Karting, Ten Pin Bowling and a host of Sporting Competition
TECHNOLOGY SOS – individually design and make technology items using computers, laser cutters and 3D printers
THE SHOW MUST GO ON – Design and perform a show from scratch in 4 days for our feeder primary schools

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