Mock Examinations and wider school life

June 7, 2021 4:00 pm

We welcome all students and staff back after the May half-term break. We hope that all managed to rest and recharge. Year 10 and 12 students return to their Mock Examinations. These act as a learning point for students, helping to see the progress they have made and identify their next steps as they approach the final year at their stage of studies. What research tells us about memory, also suggests that students benefit from being asked to recall previous learning, in order to cement this knowledge in their brain. Things that have been learnt once, can easily be forgotten if they are not recalled and used some time later. The dark art which is revision, benefits from practice and all students will learn from trying techniques when the stakes are not so high, learning what does and does not work for them. Our Mock Examinations, provide this learning point, at a pivotal stage in the students’ studies.

In the weeks ahead we are also looking forward to students engaging in activities outside the classroom. A range of clubs are now taking place after school and it has been great to see the turnout at these, across all year groups. It feels like we are gradually seeing the life come back to school beyond the classroom and very much hope that we can extend this beyond outside and bubbles in the near future.

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