Half-term approaches

October 18, 2020 10:17 am

As we enter the last week before half-term I am sure that all our students and staff will be looking forward to the break. The return to school in September can often seem a shock to the system after the summer break, but of course this year student had experienced time away from school like no other. Since returning to school, I have been continually impressed by the students’ work ethic, enthusiasm and sense of purpose. From Year 13 to Year 7 students have returned to school eager to learn and pleased to be in the classroom, face-to-face with teachers and friends once more. Year 13 and 11 in particular have shown focus and determination, to make up any lost ground before in their examination year. Likewise, Year 7 have coped with the transition to High School, settling into a new environment with ease.

This week our School Council lead the way, with our first charity non-uniform day on Thursday 22 October. Student have chosen to support the Jess Grant Celebration charity who raise money to support children suffering from medical conditions, and the mental health charity Young Minds. Students can wear non-uniform and are encouraged to wear something yellow or bright, to chime with the charities’ profiles.

For those of you who follow us on Twitter you will have noticed that we have started to share more of our day-to-day activity on there, allowing parents, carers and the wider community to see activities that have made us smile and feel proud. If don’t follow us already, add us to your list @kesgravehigh On here you can find links to our Year 6 and 12 promotional videos, as well as other videos which give an insight into our school, aimed at those who might wish to join us in September 2021.

Year 6 Open Evening Video https://vimeo.com/466601366

A day in the life video https://vimeo.com/466822599

Year 7 say….https://vimeo.com469229517

Year 12 Open Evening Video https://vimeo.com/462314214

This week our Year 9 students will receive their first report for the new academic year. This will include a new grading of attainment. We hope that this will give greater clarity to achievement and progression of students in Year 7 to 9.

After half-term we will trialling a video-call system with Year 13 parents and carers in order to lieu of traditional Parents’ Evenings. We know how important these face-to-face meetings are and we hope to be able to find a way of connecting, whilst visiting the school remains inappropriate due to COVID measures. More information on how this will work will be available when we return.

For now, we wish all those connected with the school, an enjoyable, restful and safe half-term.

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