End of term activities

December 13, 2020 5:44 pm

We finally reach the last week of the Autumn Term, and what a term it has been for the students and staff of Kesgrave High School. As I look back over the course of this year and this term I am struck by the strength of our school community and how it is our humanity as people, which always brings us through darker times. Never did we think that vocabulary such as bubbles, furlough, self-isolate, track and trace, blended learning and social distancing would have so much meaning to us all.

We hope that this week in school, we can bring some of our festive traditions, within the constraints of the times. Students will be decorating their form rooms, as part of the house competition, Sixth Form students and staff will be taking part in the traditional Christmas Karaoke and on Friday our Santa Run will be a reassuring ever-present constant.

This week, Year 11 students are in for a treat as they watch a screened, live performance of A Christmas Carol, part of their GCSE English Literature studies, but festively appropriate also.

On Monday, our Year 11 students who are considering post-16 studies at Level 3 (A Level or BTEC) will get to experience a day in the Sixth Form, with taster lessons and access to the wonderful, exclusive facilities that we have for this part of our school.

This week, we will be sharing the first of a termly, newsletter, Acclaim, with all those connected to our school community. In this we intend to celebrate some of the many wonderful work, acts and achievements of the students of Kesgrave High School. Watch this space for a link to our first digital edition.

Finally, I wish all our readers and followers, a peaceful and happy Christmas. We look forward to seeing you in 2021.

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