3 Ps – Parents’ Evening, Prefects and Peer Mentors

April 26, 2021 9:31 am

We look forward this week to meeting Year 7 parents and carers for the first time, at their son or daughter’s Parents’ Evening. Whilst these appointments with their classroom teachers remain through a virtual medium, we are very much looking forward to making a connection individually, in person with the parents of the students who joined our school in September. Year 7 have adapted to school life so well, coping with the transition to High School so well. It will be lovely to talk to parents and carers, giving positive feedback as to their behaviour for learning and their subsequent attainment in the classroom, across the array of subjects that High School offers.

Last week, on Friday, we held a celebratory breakfast to say thank you to our Year 11 students who have been ambassadors for the school in their role as prefects this year. Whilst they have not had the same duties and roles as might normally been part of the role, they have acted as wonderful role models for other students, across all year groups, showing responsibility, maturity, and humility, as befits the role. This week we will be saying thank you to our Peer Mentors, for their kindness and support for younger students. Our Peer Mentors work alongside Year 7 students, in form time and individually, helping students adjust to life at High School, from those who have recently gone through the process themselves.

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