In the Summer Term students were tasked with the challenge of turning £10 into £20 through charitable work/fundraising/a form based project. Students were given ownership over the project and had to manage this mini community based project themselves. Responses to the challenge included: cake stalls, soak a teacher event, car washing, chores at home, loom band sales, nail painting and much, much more. In raising awareness about homelessness through a wealth of PSHEE lessons designed by Miss Godden, there was an overwhelming sense of empathy, support and passion displayed from the students. Their response was really quite staggering, exceeding all expectation.

Numerous sleeping bags, food supplies, toiletries, ruck sacks and water supplies were donated. In addition to this some groups decided to raise more than £20 and we are delighted to announce that the following ammounts have been donated to three local charities:

Ipswich Soup Kitchen £330, IHAG £500, Chapman Centre £600

What a charitable community of young people we have here ......... We are very proud of them and grateful for the work that they did toward this project. THANK YOU!