Wandering Trophy Autumn 2012 - Isaac Newton Challenge

The following fax was received at the main office. ‘Dear Hillary, I would like to thank you most sincerely for the most informative afternoon last week. I’ve always had a passing interest in the sciences, but have never really understood the concept of gravity. The seminar on Isaac Newton held in the quad last week was at once entertaining and thought provoking, and really brought home to me how things like apples, cups and porridge will fall TOWARDS the people holding them on their heads! A most fascinating discovery! The young scientists had a very robust approach, proving their discovery time and time again. It seemed that no matter how many times the apparatus fell on their heads their dedication to the cause led them to place it carefully back on their heads and prove it again. Apparently, the team of scientists known as ‘Bader’ proved the theory the best, followed closely by Hillary’s posse. Nuffield’s white coated geniuses were next in line and Keller followed in their footsteps. The sole physicist of Royal persuasion fought alone for many minutes ultimately proving that gravity exists, but as he was working alone couldn’t match the pace of the others. A most fantastic afternoon. Yours, Colonel Ramsbottom (ret.)’