2012 Prefect Elections

JJust another Prefect Election process? Hardly! This year's election saw a significant reimaging of the process. Not only were Year 11 involved but the Prefect speeches themselves were delivered 'blind'. All candidates gave their speech from behind a board or curtain and were only known by a number on the voting slips. This not only allowed students to feel more confident in the delivery of their speech, but also brought some much-needed transparency to an event that can easily turn into a popularity contest. When voting therefore, pupils were deciding based purely on content rather than personality.

The event itself was an unmitigated success, with over a hundred pupils giving concise yet memorable speeches that did their Head of Year, Heads of House and most importantly themselves proud!

- Mr Doyle

See the photos below, and click the link to see the video:

See the video from this years prefect electionsHERE!